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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A bit more

The next day (Tuesday 18th) I left the Wake Up hostel, waved goodbye to Emma, Kal and Dan G and jumped in a taxi! I had a chat with the cabbie who drove me to New town (Kings cross sounded like a bit of a whole, full of ladies of the evening) and to the backpackers on Egan street. I arrived and slept.

The next day was Wednesday (a certain logic, I am sure you will agree) and I get up at 3pm, filled with jetlag, but in a good mood. I went walking around New Town. I ended up lost and walked though Sydney University (which knocks Sussex Uni into a pointy hat). I called a friend of my mum's called Claire and had a bit of a chat which was cool. That evening I went out with people from the hostel and drank cold beer.

Thursday has been the best day so far, although the details are a bit hazy.I had taken off to walk round town as I have done on every day since I had arrived. I had taken the 422 into the Circular quay (past the University of Sydney which looks really sound) and then got out into a bit of park among the skyscrapers. It was warm and I wanted to use the bathroom and have a cold drink. I was in a good mood, and was
up for talking to anyone. I wound up in a bar in amongst the skyscrapers. I was looking for a comedy place, but the (very very pretty) girl behind the bar told me that naa it was a jazz bar. She gave me her number and I rolled out with a big smile on my face - Phoebe is young, pretty and studying sociology at Sydney University.

Finally that day, I would up in the The didg shop. 'Nuff said.

I am falling in love with New Town, thats the first thing. It has an atmosphere that reminds me of Brighton as it was during the summer of '96 when Ben Pinckheard was living in the beach house. It's filled with Thai restaurants along it's main road (King's Street) and I love Thai food. You can take a turn of down little side streets and walk amongst eucalyptus trees. I am going to buy a camera soon...

here for a map of Sydney

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