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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A letter

Below is an email I sent out over the weekend to some friends back in the UK. Rather than just writing into a vacuum, I wanted to send some news....

Hi folks,

Its Saturday morning and I have now been in Australia for nearly one Calendar month. Funny how quickly time has flown (cliche cliche) - five minutes at work feels like an hour bit a week here feels like no time at all! Although my blog has been sparse I hope some of you have read it. About Blogger.... something has happened so that the clever little jobba that should be on the side of the page is now on the bottom! Bloody piece of rubbish ^%^$&%$!!!!! Etc. I guess the big things this week are working (sigh), the hostel, drinking and sitting on the toilet playing my new didge (that is not as minging as it sounds actually).

So - the job is fun actually. Even though it is helpdesk, it is helpdesk with class! I have lots of rights to do cool stuff with Active Directory and Citrix (which only Ben S will know about and maybe Rich). The Oxford Street building is in amongst a shed load of skyscrapers. I went up to floor 21 to help with a call yesterday and the view up there was incredible. Whole forests of skyscrapers... On a clear day the view from the top floor must rival New York.

The hostel is still fun even though the number of people I knew from the start (three and a half weeks ago) has diminished somewhat. That's okay though, new people keep popping up (mostly german at the moment). Three nights ago most of the hostel was sitting indoors watching the box. After a little while we could hear singing coming from outside, and guitar playing. It was not your average backpacking sing-a-long either - the voice was beautiful and clear (with a strong german accent though) and it wafted about. It turned out to be the one german packpacker who never said anything to anyone (except her little cohort). She was sitting up on the top floor, dreadlocks blowing in the wind. It was pretty cool.

Then there are the evening toilet didge sessions. Crude though this sounds, it is the only way I get to practise! The Bathroom is pretty small and covered with tiles so the sound bounces about and hardly escapes into the room where the bunks are. Best of all I don't get some drunk nobba banging on the door yelling "boooooiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggggggggggggggggg!".

I am going to go and buy camera batteries in a bit and then I can paste some photos of the harbour bridge onto my blog.


Dan x

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