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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Plans...

My plans are in a constant state of change. In their present incarnation I would like to do the following: leave Sydney at the end of this month with a pocket full of dollers and mosey up the coast to Cairns, covering the distance in three weeks (making a stop of at least three days in Byron Bay). Once I get to Cairns, I want to take a bus to Darwin. On arriving in Darwin, I want to get somewhere to live with some good people and get work.

Once I am up in NT I want to go exploring. I want to see the Garma festival (and have just put an 'expression' of interest about that in), meet Djalu Gurruwiwi, see Kakadu National Park and spend some time in the Gove peninsula. I want to make friends with interesting people and when I blog the events of the next few months, I want to do so with pride.

My yidaki playing is improving slowly. I have learned a mouth sound: "Witj-dju" quite well and hope to play "didh-dhu" with the right breathing soon.

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