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Friday, December 01, 2006

Interesting Links

Here are some interesting links about life in Darwin:
1. Radio Larrakia - "Radio Larrakia, 8KNB, is a prominent Indigenous radio station in Darwin, broadcasting a diverse and matchless program on the FM band as far south as Adelaide River, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reaching a growing pool of regular and frequent listeners from all walks of life throughout the day. We are a non for profit community radio station, established in 1999 to provide programmes aimed at reducing social disintegration within the Aboriginal society through promoting positive Indigenous developments and reconciliation between cultures." Radio Larrakia Website

2. Charles Darwin University (CDU)

3. Keep an eye on The Ashes so that if we do win, we can rub Australia's face in it! Hahah! After the last test, winning the cricket would be so good.

4. The CDU website about Indigenous Knowledge and resource management in NT. This is the site for the Yolngu font set, among other things. Also click on Tami (Texts, Audio, Movies and Images) which is a database and file management system for indigenous use. SAIKS (the school of Australian Indigenous Knowledge Systems at CDU) is involved in the project. I heard about it, because when I started working at CDU I went off on my own fact finding mission to help my trip into the North-East go more smoothly, I met John Greatorex and Mike Christie who are anthropologists who teach the Yolngu language and culture courses out here. I have visited them a couple of times and they have given me website addresses and so on to help me, beyond the call of duty too...


Peter Loizos said...

Looks like you are getting into it. When you return to Blighty, it is probable that both the LSE and SOAS Anthro student societies would be up for a talk from you on what is the state of play [and work] for Aboriginal peoples around Darwin. Oz tends to be off London anthro teachers reading lists, so the students don't get to hear much.

Dean said...

Lol Dan...In case we win the the optimism mate, but in reality we will be at the butt of all jokes!
Hope all continues to go well over there!

Dean said...

Long time no post bro, thought I'd check in see how things were going...I assume well with no time for the up dates!
Would be interested to know your where about this year, see if we may cross pathes again when I come back to Oz.
Take care mate.